My work is about creating two sets of connections: connecting nature with human and the material with the visual.

The visual content of my work is personal and intimate, not formal or abstract, and consists of etchings depicting human creatures entangled with natural space. In exploring the relationship between human and environment, I unearth the emotions, associations, and memories that we attach to our physical spaces; the abiding bond between us – the dwellers – and nature.

Etching is a dance of covering and uncovering, building and destroying, first coating the surface and then scratching the Surface to reveal an image. In this sense, printmaking bridges my inner and external worlds.

The other side of my work is about undoing the distance between me and the physical medium I work with. I craft an intimate relationship between medium and message by making my paper onto which I transfer my prints. The material existence of the layers of pulp strings stirs my Imagination to open a fissure into the reality to discover a new meaning in everyday life. By layering and reconstructing handmade papers from natural materials – some from paper pulp, some from rough plant fiber( kenaf)I picked, dried, and boiled – I fuse the intricate forms of my visual creations with the dynamic natural forms created by the interlaced layers of pulp strings.

At a time in history when we suffer from division and disconnection in politics, the environment, and each other, I dream connection with self, nature and people.