Collective Agency

In “Collective Agency,” by covering my body with white fabric and projecting images of Persian architecture, I present individual actions reaching out for a collective resolution while being caught by the imprint of the past. The tension between the body and the projected patterns display a field of disruption and unification, a site to overcome the past and reinvent the future from the past. The symmetry, the repetition, different sequential spaces, and colors represent the unification of spaces in the past. I attempt to recover and reconnect spaces and time.  My figure in that space moves through architectonic space to retrieve the missing coalesce of spaces.  I present an internal journey –  a reconciliation of body and soul.  In my images, I am not a passive object. I am an agent, who moves through traditional spaces to open a fissure for a dialogue between past and present. However, this is not an individual act but an attempt to form a new collectivity in conversation with the past and the present space.