Exhibition Review By Chicago Tribune

Spudnik Press plants ‘Roots’ in divided terrain.

Spudnik Press plants ‘Roots’ in divided terrain

Yassaman Mossavi’s current show at Spudnik Press, “Roots,” loads meaningful personal weight on a simple title. Her exploration could be thought of as a tree whose roots grow through a nearby sidewalk, a natural space entangled with the synthetics of culture. Print is where the two meet.

“For Moussavi, etching is a dance of covering and uncovering, building and destroying whatever she imagines onto her copper plates,” read the curatorial notes for the show. “In this sense, printmaking bridges her inner and external worlds. Moussavi also crafts an intimate relationship between her medium of choice and the visual message she wants to communicate by making her own paper.”

Born in Tehran, Iran, and educated between her home country and Texas, Moussavi is well aware of political divisiveness and the violent language that comes with it. In resistance, she “dreams of growing roots and connecting with the self, nature, and people.” It’s a firm reminder that these roots aren’t just a matter of where we come from but also an omen of what comes next. Through April 21, The Annex at Spudnik Press, 1821 W. Hubbard St., Suite 302www.spudnikpress.org